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13. May, 2012
A personal story about a life saving operation at the Masanga Hospital

We recently received this personal story from one of the doctors undergoind special training at the Masanga Hospital, where we've funded 20 cesaerean section operations a few months back. This gives great insight into what kind of difference our Coins of Compassion are actually making:

"My name is Dauda Lahai and I have been in the medical field since 2009 as a Community Health Officer. Currently I am working for three months in Masanga Hospital as a student in Basic Surgical and Obstetrical procedures.
I am very pleased to invite you to celebrate this remarkable day in my life as I successfully restore through God’s will the life of Hawanatu and her baby.

Hawanatu is a 22 old women who is pregnant for the second time. She had undergone a Caeserean 3 years ago in Masanga Hospital. Because she is living in a small village about 5 hours walking distance to the nearest health facility, she was admitted with a term pregnancy waiting for a safe delivery.

On March 25th 2012 she had some lower abdominal pains but did not progress into labour. The following morning she complained about serious pain on the scar of the previous operation. Because of her condition we had to decide to do a second caesarean section. With the supervision of one of the Dutch tropical doctors I was able to help Hawanatu receiving a healthy baby. On the 4th of April we were able to discharge mother and child in good health.

This event is a big step in my personal development to become a CHO who is qualified to perform live saving surgery. I am thankful to take part of the Surgical Training Program. To reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone it is essential to train CHO’s and medical doctors in surgical and obstetric skills.

Thank you for the time and support."

Background project information: 
Sierra Leone has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world as one of eight women dies in relation to pregnancy and delivery. In 2008 there were 10 surgeons to serve a population of 5.7 million people i Sierra Leone. By training young doctors the Masanga Hospital is increasing the trained surgical staff dramatically nationwide.
Through our Coins of Compassion we have been able to fund 20 life saving caesarean section operations at the Masanga Hospital.


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