News from Kirunguru and Percy Davies

27. September, 2020
September 2020 update

We recently received this progress report alongside the message below from Kirsty Erridge, the UK Director of Raising Futures Kenya, about the status at Kirunguru and Percy Davies specialist schools:

"Dear Help Every Day,

Thank you so much for your patience for the report, much appreciated. As mentioned previously, unfortunately as the schools have been closed it has delayed a lot of the income generating plans. The Ministry of Education has advised against any equipment or anything of value being installed whilst the schools are closed as they have had many thefts from other schools. We are therefore planning to install the remaining income generation equipment in December when teacher will be on-site preparing for the schools re-opening in January 2021.

As the schools have been closed for 9 months this year the crops ... (Read more)


Progress report from Kirunguru and Percy Davies!

24. February, 2020

 We've now received an update on the progress being made at the two schools. Things are really moving along and our donation is having a positive impact in so many ways, among others: through better meals, new learning materials, great accessibility improvements, professional peadiatric therapy using speciliased equipment. See the progress report here. 

We've also received this wonderful video of a peadiatric therapy session at Percy Davies. The student in the video, Virginia, had not been able to use her legs previously but can now walk with the help of the therapist and the new equipment. 

Thank you all once again - everyone who has contributed to the work of Help Every Day - for making this possible!... (Read more)


Help Every Day's final project in the making!

2. March, 2019

Dear member of Help Every Day,
Due to a lack of volunteer ressources, we have had to put the selection of new projects on hold for a long period of time. Over the past few years the volunteer team has experienced dramatic changes as core members have entered new professional positions and some of us even moved abroad. The available time and volunteer ressources have dimished significantly under these circumstances.

However, we are now in the process of putting together a final project partnetship, which willl be our final project due to the reasons mentioned above. This final project will mark the ending of the work of Help Every Day which has resultated in a number of small, local projects that has brought about real and tagible change for the bettterment of so many people in some of the world's poorest regions. This is something that we can all be proud of. The idea that even the smallest act of generosity can make a world of difference has materialized through the kind, ... (Read more)


Report from Elerai Public School

12. May, 2017
Dairy Cattle and Crop Garden Project

12/5-2017: We've just received an update on the progress of the work being done with the Elerai Cattle and Crop Project. Take a look at the full progress report here.... (Read more)


Report from Wajibu Wetu!

23. August, 2016
New furniture, electricity, freezer, security doors, plumbing and more through the Help Every Day donation

We received the detailed report below from Rob de Jong who is a United Nations Officer working closely with the development of the Wajibu Wetu orphanage. The pictures to the left show a number of the specific items that have been purchased and implemented with the donation of Help Every Day!

“Wajibu Wetu is an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, that is fully supported by private donations. It is formally registered and run by a couple, George and Jane Githioma. Authorities bring the children to the orphanage when children are found without parents or in other circumstances when there is nobody to take care of them. Children stay in the “Wajibu Wetu family”, all go to school and several have now graduated and found jobs.

In the past the orphanage was renting a small piece of land with poor quality of housing (made of gall sheet). Children could not even play outside and facilities were poo... (Read more)

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