Our first four weeks (newsletter 11-11-2011)

20. November, 2011

Dear friends,

We want to celebrate with you that our new movement of Help Every Day has been around for exactly 1 month now and has made incredible progress! Based on four fantastic weeks, we can now see significant growth towards achieving our first project goals. When these initial goals have been reached, more hard-working projects need our help, and we’ll be there for them too.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ve helped achieve in just four weeks:

Members from around the world
- We’ve grown to nearly 500 members and the numbers rise every day. Our community already counts 20+ nationalities on 5 different continents! Help Every Day is essentially about giving as many people as possible the chance to make a small, consistent contribution every day to help people and projects in need. Our hope is that one day every single country in the world will be represented.(Read more)


Let's be friends




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