80 new members from a danish high school!

11. February, 2012
A fantastic day on the danish countryside

On tuesday the 7th of february, Matias Ignatius and Jacob Sønderskov went to visit a danish highschool in the small town Tørring on the countryside. They went as representatives of Help Every Day and wanted to use this opportunity to tell the 400 students and their teachers about the work we're doing at Help Every Day, the potential of our new movement, and hopefully engage a lot of the listeners to actually choose their own daily Coin of Compassion.

It turned out to be a fantastic day with massive positive response from both teachers and students towards our common cause and current projects. Before the visit, a generous person had donated 1 ticket for the legendary danish music festival "Roskilde Festival" for us to put on the line among all the people who signed up for their Coin of Compassion before Matias and Jacob went home again. This turned out to be a great idea, and in combination with the altruistic enthusiam among ... (Read more)


Cover story in Århus Stiftstidende

20. January, 2012
Great article tells the story of the very first months of our new movement

The biggest newspaper in Denmark's second largest city wrote a great article about our work and the wonderful progress we've done in just a few months. The article appeared as their cover story and filled out the entire mid-section of the paper.

You can find an excerpt of the article here: (Read more)


Entering 2012!

8. January, 2012
- on forming partnerships, our first milestone goal, a thank you video + the making of our new video and much more

Dear Friends,
It’s now been two months since our first newsletter, and we’ve been looking forward to this next one. First of all we want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year - we hope you've all entered 2012 in the best possible way!
We have a lot to share, but we will keep this newsletter as a brief overview of the most important updates of what’s happening at the moment. For more regular and detailed updates check in with our page on facebook or follow the “What’s new” section on

Phase 1 – Incredible First Run
We began our official work as a force for good three months ago – and these first few months have been incredible. The goal of this initial phase was to grow into a community with the ... (Read more)


Two Questions for Dr. Anne Marie Keus at Masanga

18. December, 2011
About motivation, privileged people complaining, and saving lives.

Serious birth complications are part of the everyday challenges at the Masanga Hospital, says Dr. Anne Marie Keus, who has worked at the hospital for two years. In this brief excerpt she answers two important questions about her motivation as a doctor and secondly about the special operations performed at the Masanga Hospital for women in difficult delivery. Help Every Day is supporting The Masanga Hospital by financing 20 ceasaeran section operations.

So many women in this country die in relation to giving birth – in fact Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality percentages in the world. Why is that?

Well first of all a lot of women choose to give birth at home, which is often due to a cultural thing saying that women should be able to give birth at home without any problems. Secondly, the infrastructure in the health care system is both slow and extre... (Read more)


Wajibu Wetu first goal reached!

7. December, 2011
- and a special video from Kenya

Help Every Day is very excited to have reached our first funding goal of $650 for Wajibu Wetu’s Exit Programme. This milestone first goal will contribute to covering the costs for the children at Wajibu Wetu to attend high school and vocational school, to develop their skills and experiences necessary for re-integration back into the community.

Wajibu Wetu, meaning ‘our responsibility’ in KiSwahili, currently has 28 children, from as young as 3 years old up to high school age.

We would like to extend our most heart-felt thank you to all our members for your support in reaching this first, and important, goal. We look forward to a continued relationship with Wajibu Wetu in the coming future!

In the video you will meet George and Jane, Dad and Mom of Wajibu Wetu, who together, established the home in 2005 to care for children who have been orphaned by parents dying from HIV/AIDS, or who have other... (Read more)


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