St. Andrews Baby Unit Update, July 2012

26. July, 2012
Changing Faces and a Challenge for Sustainability

Since our last update, the St Andrews Baby Unit has had another new arrival. A little boy, estimated to be about five months old was found in a house in the local area. It is thought that he had been on his own for two days after his mother ran off and left him. He is now under the care of Matron Lucy and her team.

Another group of children has graduated from the baby unit to the main children’s home at Kandara – Lucy and Teresia have joined Newton and Jacob and seem to be enjoying themselves in their new surroundings. They still pop back to the baby unit to visit the staff and their friends.

There has also been another child fostered since our last update. Little Moses (the little guy with the hat on the picture above - click to enlarge), known as Mussa, was found by a river not long after he was born. He was rescued by some people who happened to be passing nearby and after the authorities had been notified, he... (Read more)


India Project Completed + New Partnership

7. June, 2012
Reaching our funding goal for the project in India AND setting new goals for water capacity in Tanzania!

We're very excited to share this update with you. Today we've reached our funding goal for our great project with SAKAR in India, which will give a minority group of 50-60 adolescent women in Uttar Pradesh in Nothern India new opportunities to escape suppression and start a life on their own.

We're also ready to introduce a new and very promising project in Tanzania in cooperation with the Kesho Trust. This project will build on a project completed by the United Nations Development Programr a few years back, and will build critical extra water capacity.

Thank you for sharing the work of Help Every Day and for your faithful support. This is the foundation that allows us to reach project ... (Read more)


Masanga Hospital Reporting

13. May, 2012
A personal story about a life saving operation at the Masanga Hospital

We recently received this personal story from one of the doctors undergoind special training at the Masanga Hospital, where we've funded 20 cesaerean section operations a few months back. This gives great insight into what kind of difference our Coins of Compassion are actually making:

"My name is Dauda Lahai and I have been in the medical field since 2009 as a Community Health Officer. Currently I am working for three months in Masanga Hospital as a student in Basic Surgical and Obstetrical procedures.
I am very pleased to invite you to celebrate this remarkable day in my life as I successfully restore through God’s will the life of Hawanatu and her baby.

Hawanatu is a 22 old women who is pregnant for the second time. She had undergone a Caeserean 3 years ago in Masanga Hospital. Because she is living in a small village about 5 hours walking distance to the nearest health facility, she was admitted with a term pregn... (Read more)


Powerful Coins of Compassion!

8. April, 2012
Newsletter April - 2 more project goals completed, 2 new partnerships formed, "People Power" and more

Dear Friends,

Here's an update on the inspiring impact that all our Coins of Compassion are having.
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2 more project goals completed!

We’ve recently completed two great goals for local projects doing life saving grassroots work:

- With our daily Coins of Compassion we’ve paid for all the necessary remedies to perform 20 cesarean section operations on women during child birth at the Masanga Hospital, Sierra Leone. In a district covering more than 300.000 people, Masanga is the only hospital performing this potentially life saving operation.

- We’ve also financed the running costs of (Read more)


Update from St. Andrews Baby Unit - March 2012

25. March, 2012
New toddlers entering the home, and a beautiful personal story about Grace (the girl on the picture)

There is never a quiet day in the St Andrews Baby Unit…as you can imagine with so many small babies and toddlers. The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy and have seen some exciting changes. The unit welcomed in two new toddlers a few weeks ago. One already had two brothers living at Kandara Children’s Home and another came along with his older sister who joined the main children’s home and is able to visit her brother regularly.

The new arrivals meant that it was time for two of the older children to move up to the main children’s home after three years under the care of Mother Lucy and her team. Newton was just days old when he came to the St Andrews Baby Unit along with his twin sister back in 2008 and Jacob was a few months old when his mother passed away and he joined the St Andrews Baby Unit family.
Another new arrival quickly followe... (Read more)


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