February Update from SAKAR, India!

20. February, 2013
Great personal stories and updates from the program!

The girls are gradually learning new things at the centre and practicing the things learnt in the last months. Both the courses require neatness and expertise which comes with practice, regular practice and feedback is the process which is adopted by the trainers for the girls. One more month to go and the girls will be equipped to start their own enterprise and will become certified professionals (See project goal and description here).

Beautician Training

The girls were taught how to do facials and its types, different types of facial and its steps are taught to girls so that they can practice on it and do it smoothly and in the right direction. Different types of face mask are also told to girls, some packs are told which can be prepared at home easily with no cost. Girls have been provided with facial kit in the centre and ... (Read more)


14th December: Reporting from SAKAR, India

14. December, 2012
New beautician and tailoring skills and an activism campaign against domestic violence

Below is a thank you message from SAKAR in India and an short update on the progress of the girls at the centres, where they learn new skills to help them create a life of independence (read the full project description here.) Click the pictures to the left to enlarge them. You see picturse from beautician class, from tailoring class, and from a recent activism campaign against domestic violence.

"Dear Help Every Day,
The girls are really progressing in both the centres (beautician & tailoring).
The girls in the beautician centre have learned bindi decoration, eyebrow setting, wrapping saree and henna application this month. Their monthly test was also taken by the centre supervisor.
The girls were also a part of the 16 days activism against domestic violence.
(Read more)


Special video with a song of thanks for the bikes!

10. December, 2012
A thank you song from the volunteers and pictures from training in the Home Based Care Program

Earlier in 2012 Help Every Day gave 14 Bikes of Compassion to a Home Based Care Program in Tanzania, which will enable health care volunteers to give medical assistance to sick people who are unanble to make it to the hospital. After receiving intensive health care training this december and the bikes have been put to good use, the volunteers have sent us a thank you message in their own fashion, which means singing and dancing for us to express their gratitude. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO with some wonderful singing and dancing!

We've also received the pictures to the left (click to enlarge) from the training of the Home Based Care Program, which took place in the first two weeks of December. The pictures are taken from different training settin... (Read more)


Reporting from SAKAR: Opening Day of Program

23. October, 2012
Traning of 30 young minority girls started!

Giving a new chance to minority girls in Uttar Pradesh

There are few things more important than giving girls from a minority group the chance to start a life of independence. Our partner organisation SAKAR works with adolescent girls within a muslim minority in Uttar Pradesh, India. They provide education and practical training that gives each and every one of these girls a real opportunity to break a heavy, negative social cycle. More about the background of this project here. 

Opening Day!

Over the last coupe of months, our partner organisation SAKAR has made home visits to identify families living below the poverty line and interview potential young girls for the program. At this point, 30 girls have been enrolled in t... (Read more)


Bikes of Compassion Update, August 2012

12. August, 2012
Great pictures, all the bikes together, a short video and a time frame for the program.

Great news. The bikes have now been purchased in Tanzania and have arrived at the health facility. We've been looking so much forward to showing you the pictures of the bikes with the stickers on.. We think they great.

In the pictures to the left (click them to enlarge) you'll see the whole fleet of bikes bought entirely on Coins of Compassion from all of our members - which explains the the name "Bikes of Compassion".

You also see a male volunteer standing next to one of the bikes as well as a picture of a typical road, where the volunteer health professionals will be riding the bikes to reach the sick people of the community. 

At the beginning of September all the volunteers will start receiving training at the health facility. After a period of 3-4 four weeks of intensive training the home based care program will start and the Bikes of Compass... (Read more)


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