Reporting from Kirunguru Special School

18. December, 2015
A message from Head Teacher, Mr. Wanyoike

Dear member of Help Every Day. Earlier this year we supported the Kirunguru Special School with 5778 USD to help them construct a new and highly improved kitchen facility for the daily meals during the school day. Read the full project description here.

We have now received these three pictures showing the students in front of the bulding as well as two pictures showing the interior of the kitchen and some of the new equipment. The Head Teacher of the school, Mr. Wanyoike, is seen to the left on on of the pictures of the inside of the kitchen facility.
We also received the following message Mr. Wanyoike, which he asked us to kindly pass along to all our members:

"To our sponsors, Help Every Day, we lack enough words to tell you thank you for your good work. All that we can say is to pray to the Almighty God to bless you abund... (Read more)


Mkwaja Chicken Project - Final Report

21. August, 2015
Text, numbers and pictures from the entire project process

Last year we gave away 3287 USD to a collaborative project with the Kesho Trust. This project was aimed at supporting new livelihood activities in the small coastal village of Mkwaja in Tanzania. In relation to this challenge, the goal was to construct a new chicken farming operation, which could be run by a small group of villagers. A year later, we have now received this final report from the Kesho trust. It shows in text, numbers and pictures the result of this collaborative effort and tells about some of the challenges during the process. Read the final report here.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Help Every Day and thereby made our contribution to this project with the Kesho Trust possible.... (Read more)


Report from the collaborative project in India

3. October, 2014
41-page overview of results from the campaign to end violence against women, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

We've just received this comprehensive and very interesting closing report from the project "Collective Footprints to End Violence Against Women", which has been implemented as a collaborative effort between Help Every Day, PRIA and SAKAR in the Bareilly area, Uttar Pradesh, India. View the full report here.
A huge thank you to every single member of Help Every Day for their ongoing support to make this project possible.

The report shows great pictures of the involved people and of some of the various activities that have been carried out as part of the campaing. Overall, the campaign goal was to reach out to boys and girls,... (Read more)


Christmas Greetings from St. Andrews Baby Unit

27. December, 2013
With a thank you to Help Every Day's generous members!

 It has been another great year for the St Andrews Baby Unit in Kandara. The unit has had a makeover and looks much brighter with new flooring and a fresh coat of paint. This has lifted the spirits of the staff and the children who love the new environment.

Three of the older children from the unit have been attending the nursery school that Vision Africa set up in the grounds of Kandara Children’s Home. Patrick, James and Anne are coming on in leaps and bounds since they started in the baby class. They have learned new songs and rhymes and enjoy singing them and teaching the other children back at the baby unit. In fact, as soon as they saw the Santa hat Patrick started a chorus of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and was quickly joined by Anne and James.

There have been a few graduations this year with children moving up to the main home. This has left space for new babies who have been brought... (Read more)


News and thank you from Peru

1. August, 2013
Program summary and a thank you note

We've now received a program summary from our partner organization in Peru.
Earlier this year we completed this project to support disadvantaged youth by providing them with education and leadership skills while at the same time preserving the indigenous Quechua community.

The program summary includes descriptions of what has been accomplished with our project money and some words of thank you directed to our members who made this possible.

Here are some of the words of appreciation in the summary from our partner organization, Mosqoy:

"We’d like to wholeheartedly thank Help Every Day and their supporters for their generosity. We look forward to... (Read more)


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