Entering 2012!

8. January, 2012
- on forming partnerships, our first milestone goal, a thank you video + the making of our new video and much more

Dear Friends,
It’s now been two months since our first newsletter, and we’ve been looking forward to this next one. First of all we want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year - we hope you've all entered 2012 in the best possible way!
We have a lot to share, but we will keep this newsletter as a brief overview of the most important updates of what’s happening at the moment. For more regular and detailed updates check in with our page on facebook or follow the “What’s new” section on

Phase 1 – Incredible First Run
We began our official work as a force for good three months ago – and these first few months have been incredible. The goal of this initial phase was to grow into a community with the capacity to raise substantial amounts of money for great projects around the world on an ongoing basis. It was our ambition to reach this level within 8-12 months – but we’ve done it in just a couple of months!
The single most important factor in this successful beginning was this: the will of each and every one of us to choose our Coin of Compassion and inspire friends and family to do the same. And for this we want to thank you.

First Milestone
We were very grateful and excited to see the realisation of our first project goal for Wajibu Wetu so shortly after launching! And as our two current projects are approaching their goals, we’ve now begun screening new possible partner projects for Help Every Day. We will make announcements on and on facebook as we reach our project goals and introduce new partner projects.

Phase 2 – Partnerships and Growth
As 2012 takes off, we’re facing the next big phase in the development of Help Every Day. Here are the two most important things that we will be working on in the months ahead:

- New partnerships
New partnerships are invaluable for our future work and our ability to build a strong community of members and partners in the field. We will work to build professional relationships with companies, NGO’s, cultural institutions and other possible organizations that can help us raise awareness, build our capacity, and otherwise strengthen Help Every Day. This will be the most important task in 2012 – and without revealing any specifics yet, we’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve been contacted by a couple of possible partners and are now working to turn some interesting ideas into reality! More updates on this will follow as we go along.

- New video
We’re working hard to finish a new video that we are confident you’re going to like! Danish actor Jens Jørn Spottag, who has a great voice, agreed to donate his time and expertise free of charge when we asked him if he would be interested in doing the voice-over for the video. We can’t wait to get it done and present it to you all, and when the time comes we hope you’ll help us by spreading it to as many people as possible.

Decades Ahead
The fact that our common effort has already had positive impact on the lives of others around the world is something really worthwhile and encouraging. In the following year we will build on this great start and lay a solid foundation that will allow Help Every Day to grow and continue to work as a catalyst for positive change in decades to come. We couldn’t be happier to be on this journey with you and we’re eager to see the next steps unfold.

With gratitude and optimism,

Andreas, Lars, Jesse, Marianne, Daniel and Matias


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