Wajibu Wetu first goal reached!

7. December, 2011
- and a special video from Kenya

Help Every Day is very excited to have reached our first funding goal of $650 for Wajibu Wetu’s Exit Programme. This milestone first goal will contribute to covering the costs for the children at Wajibu Wetu to attend high school and vocational school, to develop their skills and experiences necessary for re-integration back into the community.

Wajibu Wetu, meaning ‘our responsibility’ in KiSwahili, currently has 28 children, from as young as 3 years old up to high school age.

We would like to extend our most heart-felt thank you to all our members for your support in reaching this first, and important, goal. We look forward to a continued relationship with Wajibu Wetu in the coming future!

In the video you will meet George and Jane, Dad and Mom of Wajibu Wetu, who together, established the home in 2005 to care for children who have been orphaned by parents dying from HIV/AIDS, or who have otherwise been unable to living with their family due to unsafe, or unhealthy living environments.

Many of the children who have come to Wajibu Wetu suffer from severe traumatic experiences. Through the family atmosphere created by George and Jane, the children find the love and attention so needed at such a critically young age to help them overcome the trauma they have experienced before arriving.

In the video, you'll also see a few of the younger children at Wajibu Wetu, just outside of the main house, and opposite from the kitchen and dining house. The small open space you see is the main courtyard at the home. In the back right corner of the video is the rabbit and chicken coup, where animals are raised as a main meat source for the home. Once Wajibu Wetu gets its own land (they are currently on rented land), they would like to expand the size of the rabbit and chicken coup, to be able to sell meat in the market. Currently, they are limited by the space available to them on the rented land. This would be a very important source of income for the home, and would contribute towards the long-term sustainability of Wajibu Wetu. The song the children are singing in the video is called ‘Jambo Bwana’, meaning ‘Hello Mister’ in KiSwahili, which is a popular song in Kenya.


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