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8. April, 2012
Newsletter April - 2 more project goals completed, 2 new partnerships formed, "People Power" and more

Dear Friends,

Here's an update on the inspiring impact that all our Coins of Compassion are having.
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2 more project goals completed!

We’ve recently completed two great goals for local projects doing life saving grassroots work:

- With our daily Coins of Compassion we’ve paid for all the necessary remedies to perform 20 cesarean section operations on women during child birth at the Masanga Hospital, Sierra Leone. In a district covering more than 300.000 people, Masanga is the only hospital performing this potentially life saving operation.

- We’ve also financed the running costs of the St. Andrews Baby Unit for six months. The St. Andrews Baby Unit is situated just north of Kenya’s capital city Nairobi and this project goal makes sure that 15 orphaned babies with no place else to be will continue to get the care the need.

2 brand new partnerships formed

We’ve worked hard to set up these 2 new partnerships with organizations that are doing invaluable development work in their local areas.

Foxes Community Trust, Tanzania:
Through the purchase of 14 new bikes, health care professionals will be able to reach sick people in need of home based care. Since we’re buying the bikes with Coins of Compassion, we’re naming them “Bikes of Compassion”.

SAKAR, India:
We’ve partnered with SAKAR in India to establish an educational centre and give 50-60 young girls the basic education and skills to start a life of independence. Read more about this project here.

Where lasting changes begin

The greatest work for change is carried out in small, local communities by extremely passionate people who’ve made it their mission to fight for social and economic justice. These people can’t be found on TV or in big headlines. They are dedicated, extremely competent and they work hard every single day to create lasting positive changes around them. Through our daily Coins of Compassion, that’s exactly the kind of work we’re supporting. It might not change the world all at once – but it’s good, honest work and it’s having a significant impact for people like you and me.

Expanding the team

With the massive positive feedback and member growth in just over four months, we’re now completing significant project goals on a regular basis. Over the next few months we will be expanding our core team by setting up new volunteer positions to help us take our new grassroots movement to the next level.
In fact, we're already looking for a web-wizard so if you know of a talented web-developer out there who wants to showcase his/her skills and make a valuable difference at the same time – please let us know on

People Power

Tell a friend. An uncle. Nephew. Sister. A colleague. A complete stranger. Or your grandma. Tell anyone really, just make sure they sign up for their own Coin of Compassion! Why? Because that’s what People Power is all about! In a very short period of time it's gotten us to where we are now. And that’s really something.

Updating your payment information

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